Forges de Niaux, one step further in the development of Razor discs

Crop residue management is the key factor in soil preparation.

Razor discs have an extremely sharp bevel that allow for a perfect cut of the hardest residues. The stubbles are chopped in such a way that it is not necessary to bury them deep in the ground. The soil is therefore preserved. The waves give an excellent motricity including in tough conditions.


razor disc pictures
Razor disc views: convex side, concave side, bevel


Going from cover-crops to high speed harrows was a technological breakthrough that allowed significant productivity gains for farmers. A new stage is reached with Razor discs. This innovative solution broadens the range of soil working methods: an adapted soil cultivation method for every situation.


Our technological contribution is focused on two areas.

Adding Niaux 200 technology:
Forges de Niaux is the only manufacturer worldwide applying the Niaux 200 patented technology to Razor discs, thus the lifetime of the discs is unrivalled. Furthermore, the specific metallurgic features of Niaux 200 blades preserve the cutting quality throughout their lifetime, the blades are self-sharpening.

We share our expertise with the greatest OEMs worldwide in order to develop Razor discs that perfectly suit their machines while meeting their requirements in terms of soil working and mechanical resistance. 
As always, we choose to develop solutions that are adapted to every specific use and type of terrain, several models have already been marketed and this work continues. 
With our partners in distribution, we are working to develop turnkey solutions that will fit any type of assembly.